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The 3 Reasons Why You Don’t need to ‘Fit in’

Today, I have a very special message for anyone who feels like they don’t belong. I’m writing for the people, who look at the world they live in, or the schools they attend or the work environment they inhabit, and can’t find their place. r

7 Habits For 7 Days That Will Ensure 365 Days of Happiness

Do you want to be happy?

That’s a question everybody would in unison answer with a resounding ‘yes” to. r

How to Get Your Confidence Back

Getting confidence is one thing, getting your confidence back is a substantially different one. You see, people who’ve always lacked confidence in a certain area aren’t familiar with the emotion and they have a hard time grasping the associated behavior. r

Day 67: 6 Tips To Looking Better In Photos, Even If You Have A Face For Radio

Are you about as photogenic as a plate full of Brussels Sprouts? Is the thought of sending out a Holiday Greeting Photo Card about as appealing as burying yourself naked in a pile full of dirty snow?

If so, don’t despair. While this post might not turn you into the next super model, it will help you make the most of what you have and hopefully shift your focus to capturing as many magical moments as you can. r