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The Inner Workings of Fleeting Motivation

On one of those days, when motivation runs low, you (as usual) start browsing a social network of your choice. And she shows up – that mega-successful person who, in the midst of all the challenges, distractions, and temptations, got … r

how to visualize

5 Smart Reasons to Practice Creative Visualization

Have you ever found yourself asking this tough dilemma? Have you ever felt like something in your life is taking the wrong direction? And it seems that you can’t do nothing to change that? r

Day 41: Do This One (Simple) Thing To Accomplish Anything You Want

You will manage your goals and move closer to the more capable, confident person you know you’re ready to be by breaking your bigger goals into smaller, more easily attainable mini-goals. r

The Myth of ‘Wishing Upon a Star’: 5 Real Ways to Get Things Done

From what I have learned I think that if you wait for your dreams to come true on their own, it will be a long wait.

On the other hand if you take charge and make things happen for yourself, it can go very quickly. r