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Modern Dating: A 13-Step Program

But the point here is that people tend to “advance the frames” in their own mind while they forget to communicate with their partner. Every step of the way, they wonder about the relationship status and where the relationship is heading, but it’s so much easier just to ask. r

5 Truths That Will Transform Your Life

We all prefer to live by our own rules. These are often trial and error methods. We make mistakes, learn a lesson from them and avoid them in future. A wise way to live life is by learning from others’ mistakes. With eons of wisdom and experience, there are some golden rules that hold good for every one. r

Soul Village: How to Develop a Love Tribe

“It takes a village.” It’s a phrase we often hear associated with child-rearing, but is applicable to a successful life as well. Just think about the very definition of the word village: “an incorporated community smaller in population than a town,” according to FreeDictionary.com. r

Love Or Fear? Which One Are You Allowing to Drive Your Life

Love is your higher self.

It is the place of pure intention and hope.

When your higher self drives your life you are on purpose and empowered. Life surges through you; you thrive and society thrives because of it.

Fear, of course, is its opposite and is your lower self. r

Yes, It’s You: The Importance of Discovering Your True Self

Yes, if you find yourself criticizing, blaming and looking for how others are doing you wrong, you can rest assured—it’s about you. It may be reflecting something you feel is true about yourself but can’t yet face, it could be a habit or some other issue. Whatever the case, consider it a flashing neon sign that’s signaling you to shift your focus to the person who really needs your wise and helpful attention—you. r

How to Think More Positively Rational about Yourself and Your Future

Many thousands have praised the importance of possessing a positive attitude, but can one truly be positive about anything without first being positive about oneself? Any truly positive outlook on life always begins first with a truly positive outlook on yourself. Any truly positive outlook always begins with thinking positively rational. r