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The ONE Thing You Need To Know To Face Your Fears

Something important that you might be forgetting when facing your fears. You don’t need to do it all alone. And seeking help is the most wonderful thing! r

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Seeking Help from your Future Self

So many of us wish to grow and do better in life. And yet, there are so many times where we can’t decide our next set of actions. We have a dream or a goal to achieve, but we don’t know how to achieve it. r

Why You Should Ask for Help More Often (and How to Do Just That)

Both of these attitudes are a mistake. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help – in fact, people who truly reach their full potential are those who are able to delegate and to rely on others. And even if someone else doesn’t perform a particular task in exactly the way you would, you might find that their method is perfectly OK too. r

The Small Steps You – Yes YOU – Can Take to Save the World

How can you save the world? Most people will be taken aback when they are asked such a question. They might wonder how they could possibly contribute anything capable of saving the world. What power do they have to achieve such a goal? If you are wondering such a question, all you need to realize is a very simple fact. r

Getting Advice: Who Should You Listen To?

Everyone does it at some point in their lives. They seek out advice from a higher authority, someone who knows what the heck they’re doing, hoping to achieve their same level of success. Whether you’re simply trying to learn how to tie a tie(which I still can’t do) or trying to start a successful business, you’re going to be seeking help sooner or later. r

Day 23: A Bulletproof Way To Build A Much Better You

Humans are relational beings, hard-wired for community and better together. Solitary confinement is the roughest sentence an inmate can get, yet many free, law-abiding citizens sentence themselves to solitary confinement daily by choosing isolation over living in community with others. r