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6 Effective Tips For Yoga Newbies — To Attain A Life Balance.

Yoga is a form of exercise used to increase strength, flexibility, and VO2 consumption. It helps in shaping the mind and body to attain a life balance. Meanwhile there are some key points yoga newbies needs to take note of. … r

The Best Night Routine for a Productive Day

Even if you don’t consider yourself a productive person, you still have some type of morning routine to kick off the workday. If it’s a daily mad sprint to the train stop with coffee in one hand and a breakfast … r


6 Nutrition Books That Will Transform Your Health

Nutrition books are a dime a dozen and most of them are no good. If you’re serious about getting your health & fitness handled, these are the ones to read. r

5 Simple Habits to Get More Plants into Your Diet

It seems like every day, new information is released that highlights the health benefits of eating less processed foods, and more plants. r

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Brain Switch: How To Creatively Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

April is about the time New Year’s resolutions dissolve and gyms become less crowded again. It’s not that folks have lost their desire to trim pounds or increase their level of fitness. For some, it’s simply a motivation problem. They want to continue, but just can’t seem to make the time amidst competing demands. But for others, they just don’t enjoy exercise. I once watched a woman jogging whose scrunched up face displayed a combination of irritation and defeat. She wasn’t enjoying herself, but felt compelled to continue. So it’s no surprise that keeping our fitness habits going is difficult. Any activity that isn’t innately enjoyable quickly becomes drudgery and nearly impossible to maintain. r