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Day 30: You’re Playing the Blame Game And Everyone Knows It – Here’s 5 Easy Ways To Stop Forever

It’s an illusion if you believe, “If they’d be like that, I’d be like this.” You give away your power by believing your state is dependent on others. By playing the blame game, you shout to the world: r

How to Be Your Dad’s Boss in Five Years

If you want to excel in your career path to the point that you pass even your dad, who has obviously spent a few extra decades in the job field, work will be involved. It takes a whole lot of effort to move up so rapidly that you condense a few decades into a few years. r

Why Hard Work Isn’t Such a Good Idea

There’s an idea ingrained in many cultures that hard work is a good thing in itself. You’ll have seen this in action. People brag (even in the guise of moaning) about their long hours, or they tell that getting to the top means years and years of hard work. r

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Why You Should Work Smart Not Hard: 4 Ways To Do It

We’re often told that hard work gets us ahead. That’s true to an extent – if you put effort and focus into something, you’re going to achieve more than if you go at it in a half-hearted way. But it’s all too easy to get sucked into working long hours, ticking tasks off a list, without being all that effective or successful. r

Commit Yourself to Action by Investing in Success

Getting motivated is a challenge, and it often takes more than good intentions to really get going. r