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5 Things Happy People Never Forget

So instead of holding yourself back, focus your energy on living positively. After all, happy people do have a different way of looking at things.


8 Things Happy People Don’t Ever Do

Happy people do what it takes. If their workplace is filled with negative people, they quit. If their partner is abusive, they break it off.


9 Things Happy People Are Super Chill With

You can’t sweat the small stuff. You can’t be pissed off all the time. You can’t let other people get to you. You also definitely can’t think everything is going to go wrong!


15 Things Happy People Avoid At All Costs

Everyone says they want to be happy, but no one really understands what happiness is. Happiness has been misinterpreted as an endless euphoria, where nothing ever goes wrong and magic pixies float through the sky.


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7 Things Happy People Do Eagerly All The Time

For the life of me, whenever I see happy people, I can’t help but think that there’s just something about them.


Day 87: 9 Lies Unhappy People LOVE To Tell

Even if you are basically a happy person, take a look at these lies that unhappy people love to tell and see if any of them are keeping you from experiencing the greatest amount of happiness in your life.