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6 Simple Tips Will Never Let You Down in Life

The art of living is a difficult skill to master. That’s why most of us turn to self-help books, spirituality, and self-enhancement practices to help guides through life. But what if you simplify your life by following bits of advice … r

How Flexible Working Changed My Life And Realigned My Priorities

I’d like to think I’m a modern father. Responsibilities with my partner are split down the middle; we both bring home the bacon (metaphorically, we’re vegetarian) and we split the childcare and household chores fairly (you wash, I’ll dry). I’m not … r

If You’re Doing This, You’re Lying to Yourself About Being Happy

You’re saying you’re happy when deep down you know that you’re not. Not at all.

You’ve got problems, but you have never faced them head on. r

3 Uncommon Ways To Be More Positive

If you were to Google – “how to be positive” you’d come across over 1 billion results for those keywords. And If you were to Google – “how to think positive” you’d come across half the amount for those keywords. r

7 Happiness Factors That You May Have Forgotten

Let me be straight forward. When it comes to happiness, 99% of the world has gotten it wrong. r

How To Turn A Horrible Day Into A Positive Day

8 Ways To Turn A Horrible Day Into A Positive Day

  Everyone can have a bad day. – Nikki Haley What’s the first thing you do when you’re having a horrible day? Do you become so negative you infect anybody who comes into contact with you? Only to regret it or … r