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The 5 Best Podcasts on Prosperity

Prosperity is about the varied search for fulfillment. It is being in a state of thriving and success. However, this can be both in your individual life as well as the culture and society that you partake in. In fact, … r

Reaching out and helping people

How To Say Goodbye To Bad Omens

If you are similar to me, then you like being helpful. You enjoy reaching out to people that could use a hand. r

How to Become Luckier

We could all use a little more luck in our lives. On the surface, it seems like wishful thinking to imagine there’s anything we could do to enhance that. r

Top 5 Secrets to Getting Lucky that Don’t Include a Rabbit’s Foot Key Chain

Do you feel like some people have more “luck” than others?

I have never considered myself an overly lucky person, in the auspicious sense of the word; however, I do believe that when you are prepared, opportunity presents itself.

In order to get lucky, you have to create the circumstances for it to happen. r

Day 84: How To Be Lucky In A World Of Unlucky People

Truth is, there are plenty of things you can do to give yourself more luck, and none of them involve rabbit’s feet or voodoo. Learn to incorporate the following things in your life and you might find that luck becomes as natural as breath. r

Successful Living

7 Must-Read Keys to Successful Living

Success is defined as the favorable attempt at an endeavor. Today I want to briefly talk about succeeding in life. I don’t believe success is the result of good luck, or being born in the right family. I believe there are principles that cause success, and if anyone follows the principles, they’ll succeed. r