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How to Generate a Brilliant Idea in 20 Minutes or Less

I often hear people say they want to start their own business, but that they just don’t have any great ideas. There are techniques anyone can learn to make moments of insight become more common. It’s not hard to do. Henry Ford used to sit in a rocking chair to get great ideas; Ralph Waldo Emerson did it by walking in the forest. r

The Boring Truth Behind Very Exciting Ideas

What I find, though, is that by the time children grow to be adults, their creativity often needs a little
help. We spend so much time teaching children to follow the rules, to do things a certain way, that they
don’t always know how to bend or break the rules. r

How to Come Up With Great Ideas – All the Time

The thing is, you probably don’t have as many great ideas as you’d like. Perhaps you feel unimaginative and unoriginal. You keep hoping that a really good idea will just pop into your head, but that never seems to happen.

The good news? Ideas aren’t magic dust sprinkled by the Muses. There’s an awful lot you can do to generate ideas any time you want. r