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Why Perfectionism Can Be Terrible for your Health

Although there is definitely a nobility behind perfection, seeking it in an overzealous way can be a huge detriment to your physical and mental health. r

How to Keep Yourself Fit despite an 80 Hour Work Week

Believe that all your hard work is definitely going to pay off incredibly. A positive attitude and faith works best to help you find your accomplice- good health. Cheers to this accomplice! r

Your Body is a Biological Machine

It is very hard to imagine another asset more important than one’s body. Our bodies are a biological machine that needs to be maintained and nurtured if we are to expect the very best from it. r

10 Ways To Get More Energy Throughout The Day

Up until about two years ago, I used to have a big problem with energy. I had intense mood swings caused by intense fatigue and the sluggishness KILLED me. Then came the day where I just lost it.. I just could not live like that anymore! I searched and searched for answers. Finally I found some. Below is the top 10 solutions I have found. I know they are simple, but guess what? Simple works! r

Restoring Your Inner Balance – How to Stop the Aging Process in its Tracks

Unhealthy lifestyle is our greatest epidemic. When we are younger, we have a natural biological resiliency that allows us to keep going strong no matter how poor our personal habits might be. But poor diet, inadequate exercise, chronic stress, insomnia, lousy posture, and lack of mental stimulation erode our strength gradually, and once we reach a certain age r

Better Health in Just 20 Minutes A Day

You want to be healthier, and have more energy. You want to take good care of yourself. The problem is, life is hectic. r