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Why Switching To A Clean Beauty Routine Is Essential

You make sure everything you put into your body is organic and ethically sourced, but what about what you put on your body? If you’re using traditional beauty products you may be exposing yourself to toxic chemicals, as well as … r

eco-friendly house

Eco-Friendly House Is Healthy House

If you want to apply budget-friendly and eco-sustainable house (re)decoration methods, get on the green train and find out how to keep your house in order and the nature around you unharmed. r

Recharge Your Life – Go Green!

Did you know that most modern hunter-gatherers spend only 20 or so hours a week working? The Zhun people of Africa, for example, spend most of their time hanging out, socializing and generally enjoying life, while those of us running the rat race in industrialized nations work an average of 44 hours a week. Granted, it’s an extreme, but it does make you think about how living a sustainable or “green” life can be more fulfilling. While you might not want to drop your job and ditch your family to join a nomadic tribe, there are other ways to incorporate green practices into the life you lead. r