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Give Something Back, Feel Something Greater

As many people find themselves with surprisingly constrained budgets, giving to others becomes a more challenging task. A tough middle class economy is a true test of character for those who count themselves among this middle class.

Do you continue to give something back at the same pace as before or continue to enjoy other uses of your money and give a little less when you have a little less? Continue reading

10 Golden Rules of Giving

You know all about the law of attraction. You have tried to change, adopt, adapt, adjust, but the outcome has not changed. Sometimes you try hard, too hard to please the other person, to make your relationship work. Continue reading

How A Boring, Unfulfilling Job Accidentally Revealed My Passions And A Meaningful Direction For My Life

The fastest way to rejuvenate your passion and gain a meaningful direction for your life is to find a way to grow yourself or give to someone else, immediately.

Growing increases your passion because you naturally want to become better at what you do. When you find an activity you enjoy just for the sake of doing, life feels like a game, where you’re constantly levelling up. You progress toward a worthy ideal you are proud to strive for. Continue reading

5 Things to Give Instead of Money

For many of us, money is tight at the moment. Perhaps you’ve got a friend in need of support, or you want to contribute to charity … but you just don’t have any cash to spare.
Thankfully, money isn’t the only thing that you can give. In fact, it may not even be the most useful. Just think about these seven possibilities instead: Continue reading

Don’t Invest. Give.

I was having a chat with my fiancé one night recently, and burst into tears. I was bitter, sad, and angry. Why doesn’t anyone help me in return, I asked. Why is it when I am good to people and it feels like the kindness and generosity isn’t reciprocated? My fiance, with one eyebrow lifted, looked at me tenderly and said, “Perhaps because you aren’t really giving?” Continue reading

How to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

I do not know if this is correct, but I do know the feeling I get when I help someone and see that I make a difference;
something happens, I get a sense of fulfillment, happiness and I feel a sense of purpose, a surge of energy. Continue reading