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Friendships – The Key To Happiness

I often recommend to others who seek to do what I tried, DON’T! It is too dangerous – you are taking an awful risk. It is not wise to isolate yourself for twelve months and spend hour upon hour peering … r

6 Questions to Help You Find Your Tribe

We make many choices that mold our personalities, but none are quite as important as the people we choose to be around. r

9 Reasons Why That Person You Gossip About is Happier Than You

“Big people come up with ideas. Average people talk about things. Little people talk about others.”

That person you gossip so much about is the big person. He’s busy being his own person and doing his thing. He is growing. He is happy. r

How To Make More Friends : 5 Simple Strategies

You probably feel that knowing how to make more friends is the key to having a great circle of friends, while avoiding getting lonely and misunderstood. In this article, we’re going to talk about exactly how to do that, by following 5 simple strategies. r

15 Things to Say (and NOT say) to a Grieving Person

You know that mildly panicked feeling you get when you found out your friend’s mother just died and you really don’t know what to say?

I’m going to help you relax with this list of 20 things people say that are well-intended but not so good as well as something better to say.

Breathe. It will be okay. r

How To Be Liked By Everyone

As easy as it may seem for some, not everyone is able to socialize and make friends. You’d think as we age, it may get easier, but for some it’s a real problem. They just plain don’t know what to do or how to act around unfamiliar people.

For some, it might not even be about self-confidence. They simply lack the knowledge in the practical steps they must take in order to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar setting. r