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May 2012 Suggested Reading (Listening!)

A selected list of ebooks and audible books for may 2012 r

You Are Invited To a Free Self Confidence Webinar (hosted by me!)

Several months ago, I asked my readers to offer input on a potential topic for a course I was planning. The overwhelming majority requested a course on improving self-confidence. So along with my friend and fellow personal development blogger Barrie Davenport (from Live Bold and Bloom), we have created an interactive 4-week course on self-confidence. r


Why “Free” Costs You a Lot More Than You Think

Did the word “free” in the title grab your attention?

We live in the internet age, where we’re growing more and more accustomed to getting things for free. Whether it’s information from blogs and online newspapers, services like email and Twitter, or images, videos and music tracks, it’s all free and it’s there for the taking.

The problem is, “free” could be costing you a lot more than you think. r