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The Dirty Truth Behind Finding Passion, Meaning, and Purpose In your Life

Don’t be bummed out that there’s no one special path to follow or big dream to chase.

The reality is, any direction your life goes down can be just as bright and meaningful as the next. Continue reading

Why the Chances of Living your Dreams are Better than you Think

Have you ever been inspired by the idea of doing something amazing with your life?

Pretty dumb question right? Continue reading

3 Working Ways to Get Unstuck in 2015

So, here are 3 ways for living a more meaningful and fulfilled life, even if you are struggling towards your dream life: Continue reading

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WARNING: Following your dreams can get lonely!

If someone told you that they were ‘following their dreams’ what would you say to them? Would you mock and laugh or would you encourage and support them? Continue reading

Should You Follow Your Dreams or Get a ‘Normal’ Job?

If you’ve been interested in self-improvement for a while, you’ve probably come across phrases like “follow your passion” or “find your dream job”. You might have read books or articles that push you towards seeking out a career that you love, rather than a job that’s simply a means to an end. Continue reading

5 Powerful Ways to Make Time for Your Dreams

Whatever your life looks like right now, I suspect that you wish you had a bit more time to pursue the things that really matter to you.
Maybe you want to write a novel, or travel around the world, or switch to a new career, or get fit and healthy … whatever your dreams are, they’re important. The trouble is, it’s so hard to find the time to actually work towards them. Continue reading