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3 Awesome Things Financial Freedom Gives You

What do you think of when you see the words “financial freedom”? A positive cashflow where you’re free from living paycheck to paycheck? Taking unpaid time off from work, knowing you’ve already have your expenses covered? A year’s worth of … r

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1 Simple Decision That Gives You Financial Independence

A recent survey showed that 60% of us don’t keep a budget. Close to 20% hasn’t a clue where their money goes each month, yet 43% do spend more each year than they earn. Almost a third pay no attention to interest rates on their credit cards, even while carrying an average debt of $15,000 per household. r


A Foolproof Guide to Avoid Soul Crushing Debt

One of the greatest hardships a person can face is being burdened by debt. In addition to paying off the original loan, interest (often at extremely high rates) continues to add to the total, making the ultimate pay off far higher than what was borrowed in the first place. r