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5 Powerful Steps To Achieving Anything You Want

Today, if there’s anything you want to do in life that you feel really passionate about, any goal that you want to achieve, simply use the following steps to begin your path with clarity and conviction. These steps have worked for Olympic athletes, CEO’s, billionaires, millionaires, and every day people who have passion….And best of all, they can work for you too! r

Millionaire Advice: The Most Recommended Books by Self Made Millionaires

I’ve interviewed over 50 millionaires for my Eventual Millionaire Podcast. I can tell you with certainty that most of the millionaires I’ve interviewed have an amazing mindset, and a thirst for knowledge.

So each interview I am curious to find out what books really changed their thinking or were pivotal in their growth. This list includes both personal books as well as business books. r

The Secret of Financial Happiness

Even in the post-credit-crunch world, it’s all too easy for us to put items on a credit card. It’s all too easy to run up thousands of dollars of debt – with our spending constantly outstripping our earning. r

Money Myths That Keep You From Making Big Money: Myth 5

“It Takes Money To Make Money!”

No. It doesn’t.

Again, with this statement we believe that we are dependent on those who are sitting on a mountain of money. r

Money Tips

10 Money Myths That Keep You From Making Big Money: Myth 3

This is probably the number one money myth that drives us away from living our dreams, passions, and true talent and consequently realizing abundant wealth from those gifts and inspiration. And it is not only a major money myth, but it is a big fat convenient excuse keeping you from investing in yourself. r

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9 Tips to Control Every Meeting and Get What You Want

Are you nailing job interviews, closing new clients, and maximizing every meeting? Most likely you aren’t, but I’ll show you how I blew a huge meeting and what you can learn from my mistakes. r