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How to Spend Less Time Living In Fear And More Time Living Free

Our relationships with others are a reflection of our relationships with ourselves

The way we treat others is often a great marker for understanding how we treat ourselves. r

Eliminate Your Fears By Putting Them Into Perspective

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is not. It seems all those things in the world that will assist in our growth we completely overlook. We then substitute it with something haphazard. r

Love Or Fear? Which One Are You Allowing to Drive Your Life

Love is your higher self.

It is the place of pure intention and hope.

When your higher self drives your life you are on purpose and empowered. Life surges through you; you thrive and society thrives because of it.

Fear, of course, is its opposite and is your lower self. r

What Betty Ford Knew About Being Fearless That You Don’t

The world lost a great person when Betty Ford passed away three weeks ago at the age of 93.

Betty Ford was a courageous person who set a remarkably potent precendent for us all, especially when it comes to living a life without fear while keeping true to your core values. r

Day 37: 3 Simple Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life – It Works!

known, fear of losing control, or fear of making the wrong decision keeping you from the life you’ve been longing to live? Is your confidence being sucked dry by your fears? r