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3 Bulletproof Reasons Why Happiness Is More Important Than Success

You should make it a point to focus on happiness first in your life because fulfillment not only improves your health but can also boost your success. r

The Ten Habits of Passionate People

When you find your passion, you’ll have a boost of motivation to get started and change your life.

However, this motivation won’t last if you don’t turn it into habits.

We are creatures of habits. Our human nature always looks for ways to create patterns and do things on autopilot.

Habits are what differentiate successful people from others. r

How to Get Motivated Again When You’ve Lost Your Enthusiasm

Have you ever felt totally filled with enthusiasm, fired up for achieving something new?

Chances are, you felt that way at the start of a big project. Perhaps you were determined that you’d finally lose weight, or that this year, you’d actually start that small business you’d been dreaming about. r


How to Focus Your Enthusiasm

I recently had a conversation with a reader over the 30 Day Trial method. The idea, made popular by Steve Pavlina, is that you stay focused on one change for thirty days. After that, it becomes a habit and no … r