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Language of Success

The Language of Success

The other day, having just typed an email to a customer, my mouse cursor hovered over the send button. But something didn’t feel quite right. Re-reading the email, I stopped at the following sentence: “I should be able to get … r

Embracing sadness

Embracing the Beauty of Sadness

Sadness is perceived as unnatural and malignant. We’re encouraged to do whatever it takes to stop feeling sad. Frequently this means using anti-depressant drugs or other substances to physically change our mood. r


10 Secrets to Success

What is it that makes people successful and I mean really successful compared to you or me? Are they smarter or do they work harder? Are they risk takers or have powerful and influential friends? The financial newspaper Investors Business … r

Renaissance Spirit

How to Embrace the Renaissance Spirit

The Renaissance was a defining period in history — a time when artistic, social, scientific, and political thought all turned in new directions. The Renaissance (which is French for “Rebirth”) began in Florence, Italy in the late 13th century and … r