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career move

The Lateral Career Move: Why It’s Worth the Effort

Have you encountered a log-jam in your business channel? Do you feel that you have outgrown your current position? As I write this, the economy brings uncertainty with it… which is why this might just be time for a lateral … Continue reading

Strong Relationship

What Makes a Relationship Great?

Why are some couples happier than others? What is the “secret” for a great relationship? With certain couples it is clear there is something about the way they interact that makes it obvious they have a unique and genuine connection. … Continue reading


The True Believers Guide to Blogging

Photo by L*u*z*a According to Technorati, it is currently tracking 112.8 million blogs, and estimates that there are over 175,000 new blogs created every day. What is it, then, that takes a blog from obscurity to a place where thousands … Continue reading

Check Out WriteToDone, Leo Babauta’s New Blog

For those of you who’ve enjoyed popular PickTheBrain writing posts like George Orwell’s Rules for Effective Writing and How to Write Something Worth Reading, this site will be right up your alley.

Check it out! Continue reading

Organize and Motivate Yourself

5 Ways to Use Your Blog to Organize and Motivate Yourself

Even if you aren’t interested in investing the time and effort needed to create a high traffic website, a blog can still be a powerful self improvement tool. The web is an amazing medium, and a blog will help you … Continue reading