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How to Run Meetings that Get Results: Lessons from the Pentagon

Don’t you love meetings?

Especially the ones go on forever and result in nothing productive? r

Why Efficiency is Overrated – and What to Do About It

If you pay too much attention to efficiency, you might actually become less effective. You’ll stop focusing on the things that really matter – the “great work” in your life, the projects that really would make a difference in ten years’ time. r

unfinished business

Do You Have Dozens of Unfinished Projects? Here’s What to Do

Are you the sort of person who gets really fired up and excited by new ideas, who dives straight in … and who then loses enthusiasm and ends up with dozens of half-finished projects all on the go at the same time?

If so, I can sympathize! In the past, I’ve had all sorts of works-in-progress – like novels, craft projects, self-study courses, ebooks – on the go. I tend to jump on new things with lots of energy, only to find that I’ve taken on too much to cope with. r


What is Your Time Really Worth to You?

How much is an hour of your time worth to you?

That might seem like a strange question to ask – but your answer to it has a big impact on many areas of your life, especially when you’re trying to make improvements. r