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The Massive Benefits of a Healthy Diet and How to Make Yours Stick

I’m a vegetarian. I also eat virtually no junk food, white bread, soft drinks or caffeine. For most people, living on such a diet seems like an act of self-torture. But this way of eating isn’t the result of extreme self-discipline. Once you know how to redesign your diet, eating healthy foods all the time is easy. r

A Guide to Better Web Browsing

This article isn’t for all you Firefox using RSS fiends out there. If you’re already up to date on the best ways to surf the web then you’re probably better off skipping this post and checking out the site’s other … r

An Easy Way to Get Paid for Something You Already Do

Anyone that browses the web for more than 5 hours a month should sign up with AGLOCO to get paid. Here is the basic outline of the idea in the company’s words: Advertisers, search providers and online retailers are paying … r