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The Importance of ‘Sexuality Awareness’ For Self Improvement: Part 2

Infantile sexuality was traumatic at birth. You were thrown into an aggressive clash between your primitive drives and external forces that constrained you in your relationship with your mother. r

Who Am I? 5 Steps To Reveal Your True Self

We endlessly discuss and gossip about questions of: What am I? Who am I? What is my self?

Layers of Fear hide answers to these questions. They must be lifted off to live in the essence of an effective life. r


I noted the role fear plays in creating illness. I highlighted the major role of particularly guilty industries: the pharmaceutical companies, politicians, insurance companies and the news and advertising media, to name just five. These are entities that go out of their way to create a culture of fear to sell their products.

Because it is not a one-way street, however, this is not the whole story. Here in FEAR II, I outline the role we play in putting our self at the mercy of fear and dread and the personal responsibility we must own to manage these feelings. If you are interested, I explain this in greater detail, with clinical examples, in my book. r

Fear And Dread

Words That Overcome Fear And Dread

Everyone knows sex sells. Greed sells too, and again, this is something we all know. But little did we know that the really big, best seller of all is FEAR and it’s companion, dread.

Here are some current ‘epidemic’, ‘impending’ ‘catastrophe-in-the-making’, brilliantly-marketed FEARS: Fear of recession, depression, terrorists, war, disease, food, air, climate change, computer crashes, natural disasters, breast size, impotency, break-ins, drug czars and addicts, immigrants and aging. r