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Got Work To Do But Can’t Keep Your Mind On It? This Simple Skill Will Fix The Problem—forever.

Having trouble staying focused lately? You’re not alone. As a friend of mine said, “The distractions are everywhere. You can’t get away from them. I’ll be sitting at my desk with a pile of work to do, when all of … r

6 Tips To Reduce Distractions

Don’t tolerate distractions, either at home or at the office. Learn to work around it with these tips and boost your productivity today! r

9 Words of Wisdom for Living a Distraction-Free Life

These time-wasting, attention-diverting, dream-procrastinating, mostly meaningless activities are called distractions. The good news is there are a couple of fun and creative remedies for this insidious way of living. r

4 Simple Ways of Avoiding Distractions

When you make sure you stay in your productivity zone for prolonged periods of time you will allow yourself to become lucky as well. Your ideas will be better, your software will have fewer bugs, your answer will be clearer r

High Tech Distractions

How to Hold a Clear and Quiet Mind Against High Tech Distractions

This post will help you maintain a clear mind and avoid high tech distractions. r