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Relax: 5 Steps To Ask For Your Truest Desire

Desire is expression seeking manifestation. How often do you hold unshakable focus with uncompromising purpose and unyielding faith upon your truest desire? r

Knowing Your Frequency: 3 Simple Steps to Getting What You Truly Desire

Many times when we want to create something new in our life we go at it with this initial excitement. Yet, if we could probe our mind and thoughts we might discover that we keep replaying the same negative and discouraged frequency again and again. r

How To Stop Being Scared Of Your Passion

Desire gets a bad rap, but it’s a wonderful emotion…

It’s our life force, our lust for life, joie de vive and makes us find reasons to get up in the morning! r

How Wanting Something with Your Whole Being Makes it a Reality

Everyone has dreams and goals in their lives. But most don’t believe that it is possible possible or don’t want them enough to care. To succeed you need to harness you dreams into an obsession, a burning desire that allows you to push yourself further then you every could without. r