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7 Truths that Helped Me To Heal from Trauma and Abuse

When people ask me how I got over the Depression and abuse, I tell them “I don’t get over things, I get through them.” And in my personal experience and as a coach, there are r

How To Ditch Depression and Get a Life: 8 Ways to Deal with the Black Dog

Depression is an unconscious cry for help.

To ignore the cry is to push down the pain into your soul so it can lurk there ready to pop back up when you least expect it. r

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7 Things Happy People Do Eagerly All The Time

For the life of me, whenever I see happy people, I can’t help but think that there’s just something about them. r

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7 Tips to Boost Your Day

While, I have to say that caring for myself is an uphill battle most days, the rewards I reap from loving me are exceptional! r