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Chronic Procrastination – How To Cure it and Get on With Your Life!

Our lifestyles are determined by patterns of behavior that we have established over time. And the “procrastination” lifestyle is no different. r

Decisions You Shouldn’t Make on Your Own

We will tackle some pretty big decisions each of us has to make at one point. Go through the text and make sure that you don’t get it wrong. r

The Power of Making Decisions

I hope you understand that everything about and around you is a result of your own decisions. Your whole life is a result of your own decisions. “Decision” is the bridge between your thoughts and your actions.

We make decisions every day. From simple decisions as brushing your teeth to deciding “with or without crème in your coffee.” Everything you do is a result of a decision.

But what is the definition of a “decision” and why is it so important for you to understand this? r


Are You Rationalizing Your Decisions?

Are you rationalizing your decisions? Let me answer that for you real quick. Yes, you are. There, you can stop reading now. Really. That’s the whole article. … What, you want more? Okay, okay :)… let me dig into it … r

Balancing the Future and the Present

Consider some of the choices that impact our lives on a daily basis: Do I stay up late hanging out with friends, or go to sleep and be productive tomorrow? Do I eat out because it’s easy, or cook at … r