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Why Having More Choices Actually Restricts Us

I always thought that having more choices was better. It just naturally made sense.

Yet for some inexplicable reason, I would somehow end up unsatisfied. r

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5 Life-Changing Decisions You Can Make Today

Because before taking action, you must make the firm decision to take action. These are five life-changing decisions you can make today to improve your tomorrow. r

5 Things To Do Before You Decide Something

It’s very normal, even when you are living in a remote area. You are facing so many options out there, which are waiting for you to choose, usually within specific time limit. This is not an easy part of life. There is always a risk know whether your decision would lead you to a better or worst situation. r

Finding And Using Intuition To Achieve Your Goal

Latent within everyone who has a sentient conscious mind there is an “invisible” partner who has the answer to literally everything. This invisible partner is also referred to as the subconscious mind and the channel through which it will supply you with the answers and solutions you seek is known as intuition.


How to Make a Killer Decision in 10 Easy Steps

Should you buy the red dress or the black one? Should you sell your stock or wait? Do you buy a new car or make due with the old one? Can you say yes to this activity knowing it means saying no to that one?

Decisions. Decisions. They can drive us mad. We all face them everyday, but for some of us, making up our minds causes extreme anxiety. Why? Because we don’t trust our instincts, and we don’t believe we can make good decisions due to our past failures. r

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Decision Making For The 21st Century

Traditional decision making processes and models are falling behind the fast pace of this new century, both for individuals and organizations.  Many of us are aware of this situation, but are feeling lost without a new approach to make good … r