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A Foolproof Guide to Avoid Soul Crushing Debt

One of the greatest hardships a person can face is being burdened by debt. In addition to paying off the original loan, interest (often at extremely high rates) continues to add to the total, making the ultimate pay off far higher than what was borrowed in the first place. r

Debt Advice – The Facts

It’s a complex world, but most of us still manage to get on with it: whatever our job may be, we turn up every day and tackle the challenges that come our way.

When it comes to debt, though, it’s not so straightforward. Many people end up with serious debt problems they just don’t know how to deal with. Why is that? r

Reduce waistline and debt

Tips to Trim Your Waistline and Your Debt

Growing obesity and higher levels of personal debt are 2 different modern phenomenon. There is no obvious connection between the two, but both problems share many similarities. These ideas suggest that the solution to many of our problems share certain … r

7 Tips for Avoiding a Lifetime of Debt

This article provides some suggestions on how to avoid debt. r