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5 Things You Can Learn By Quitting Your Job

99,9% of corporate employees, at one time or another, think about leaving their jobs. Their dream may be to start a company, travel the world, write a novel, learn Japanese, meditate in an ashram, train for a marathon, study philosophy, lower their golf handicap, paint a masterpiece or star in a porno, but the first step is always the same: get the hell out of this job. My co-blogger and I felt much the same way about a year ago, and ended up leaving our consulting jobs to start our own company and blog, and in general to pursue a more balanced lifestyle. We now feel it’s our obligation to share what we’ve learned so far outside the cubicle: r

How A Boring, Unfulfilling Job Accidentally Revealed My Passions And A Meaningful Direction For My Life

The fastest way to rejuvenate your passion and gain a meaningful direction for your life is to find a way to grow yourself or give to someone else, immediately.

Growing increases your passion because you naturally want to become better at what you do. When you find an activity you enjoy just for the sake of doing, life feels like a game, where you’re constantly levelling up. You progress toward a worthy ideal you are proud to strive for. r