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7 Reasons To Feed Your Curiosity

Curiosity is an admirable trait I encourage everyone to cultivate within one’s self. Curiosity is the ability to wonder and ask questions, and then have the courage and willingness to seek out the answers and experiences to satiate that wonder. r

3 Ways To Heal Your Shame

You have probably buried most of your shame your entire adult life and have tried to pretend it doesn’t exist, or in some cases, you may not even be aware it exists. r

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Why is Asking ‘Why’ Important in Life?

When you’re a child ‘why’ is a question regularly, from the most obvious of questions to the more complicated. r

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Boring is a State of Mind: How Curiosity Diminishes Monotony

I believe this principle applies, not only to making things, but also to experiencing things. Just as there is a muse for creativity, there is also a muse for curiosity. r

Day 60: Do You Make These 6 Mistakes When Asking Questions?

The good news is, everyone can learn to ask better questions. It only takes practice and a slight change in perspective. Asking clear questions can help you become the confident person you’ve always wanted to be. r


What is your Curiosity Quotient?

Somewhere deep down our heart we all lament over the loss of wonder and curiosity we had in our lives while we were kids. In fact we secretly crave for the reappearance of this trait, that made our life so exciting back then. Wasn’t it your curiosity that taught you more than anything else when you stepped into this world? The only way a toddler learns about his world is by exploring the things around him out of curiosity. The benefits of curiosity are underestimated and even frowned upon once we step into the adult world. r