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How to Find Peace of Mind in the Modern World

In my opinion this is the biggest problem we face as “modern” people. We might have flashy gadgets and shiny cool things, but in the end when it comes down to peace of mind we have nothing. r

6 Things You Must Do Today to Stay Sane in an Insane World

What typically happens when you experience a crisis in one part of your life such as a major health problem, getting laid off, or having trouble paying your bills? Everything else in your life grinds to a halt. You stay at work a little longer. r

5 Reasons to Go Through Life Lazy, Drunken, and Stupid

I started this blog 16 months, hoping to develop my writing skills, connect with smart people around the world, and create a new income stream. By those standards it’s been a success. But more importantly, I’ve learned a lot. Namely, … r

Surviving in a crazy world

How to Survive in this Crazy World

Life is full of pressure. Worries about your health, terrorist threats on the news, financial troubles, conflicts at work and family concerns. Without a center in your life, those pressures are likely to push you around. I’ve found taking time to center myself every day gives me the strength to do my best. r