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Why Meditation is the Ultimate Tool for Success

For hundreds of centuries, mystical Hindu sages and modest Buddhist monks have understood the immense health benefits one receives from a regular meditation practice. Only more recently, however, have the life-affirming affects of meditation been scientifically verified in the western … r

The Power of Mind in Spiritual Meditation

There are different meditation practices that are endowed with the effective techniques of controlling the mind. These meditation practices make your mind calm and steady. r

Working in peace. (c) Office Now on Flickr

How To Stay Sane in Your High Pressure Job

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll encounter some stress at work, but sometimes the pressures of work mount to worryingly high levels. r

Why Checking In With Yourself Is So Important

How truly connected do you feel to yourself and those around you? If, like me, you love social media, your first instinct will no doubt be: I’m very well connected, thank you very much, I’ve got tons of Facebook friends and thousands of Twitter followers. r

10 Easy Ways To Get More Reading Done

Reading a book is like undergoing a chemical reaction.

You’ll never be exactly the same when you finish a book, because every book has the power to teach you, encourage you and shape you.

I hope these 10 tips enable you to be changed for the better through the power of reading many more good books. r

6 Ways to Minimize Interruptions When You Need to Focus

In almost every sort of work, we need periods of highly-focused concentration. Perhaps you have to analyze some complex figures, or write an important report, or put together a presentation: whatever it is, you need to be able to sit down, uninterrupted, and get it done. r