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The Mind/Body Connection and Self Confidence + GIVEAWAY!

Self confidence is one of the most elusive, yet important traits in the human condition.

And achieving it is kind of like the holy grail in the self improvement space.

It alone can define your success, your relationships, your health and your happiness. Perhaps that’s why it is such a complex issue. r

How To Win The Human Race

It’s a fact that when we are born we have become yet another member of the human race. But at the same time we have entered a long distance event, not a 100-meter sprint, also called the human race. r

Harnessing Your Competitive Spirit to Spur Your Goals

In many situations in life – especially within a company or within a family – co-operation is a much more powerful principle than competition.

We all have a competitive instinct or drive, though, and many games make the most of this to ramp up the level of fun, excitement and involvement. (Sports, multi-player computer games, and board games all have “winners” and “losers”.)

As well as enjoying being competitive in game and play situations, we can use our natural competitive bent to give ourselves an edge when we’re trying to make gains in our personal life. r

Comment Competition Winner from Last Week

In last weeks article The End of Wealth, we offered a small prize of a $20 Amazon gift certificate to one person who left a comment.

The winner we have chosen is Bruce from Brucisms. He said:

Bill Strickland: Inspiring Americans to Dream (& Competition)

Bill Strickland is an amazing man. However, instead of me telling you why, I would like to invite you to watch the above video from TED in which Bill shares his astonishing tale of redemption through arts, music and unlikely partnerships (with subtle accompaniment by longtime friend Herbie Hancock). r