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Compassionate Self Observation: A Key to Overcoming Destructive Habits

I’ve discovered a powerful remedy for self-destructive habits that is so simple I wondered how I missed it over the years. My self-destructive habit involved eating junk food late at night, yet my discovery will work for any chronic, self-defeating behavior. r

The Upside of Failure

No one likes to talk about the dreaded “F” word. No…not that one. The meaning of the word Failure has joined the ranks of words and phrases that traditionally are regarded as lewd or vulgar – to the point that it’s almost taboo to discuss someone’s failures. r

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Thinking the Best of People

Do you always think the best of people – or do you think the worst? It’s so easy to make assumptions and to find ourselves falling into a judgmental or critical frame of mind – both about people we know well (like family members) and about complete strangers.

So why worry about changing your thoughts? So long as you don’t go around being verbally or physically abusive towards others, what does it matter what you think of them?

The danger of letting yourself think angrily or negatively about others is that the thoughts tend to rebound on you: your internal voice will start to be more self-critical. Plus, your relationships will suffer; perhaps you won’t make contact with a potential new friend, just because you had a bad first impression, or you might find yourself unable to patch up a tricky relationship with a colleague. r