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Happiness is Just a Choice

Happiness is a choice that most people don’t know, or want to know, that they have. If we admit that happiness is a choice, then we have to act and take responsibility. Sadly, many people are so used to, and … r

10 Liberating Tactics to Unshackle Yourself From the Slavery of Choice

We are all slaves to choice. We’re overwhelmed with it in shops, online, with reviews, with dating apps, on TV, with online music streaming – the list goes on! Choice is an evil master who peddles the dream of unimaginable … r

How a Little Choice Can Impact Your Entire Future and Change Your Life

A tiny choice that you take today can be the foundation of a sequence of millions of events and consequent choices that shape your future. r


How To Make Better Choices

I was a touring comedian for ten years and a very successful one at that; in fact, I hold the entertainment industry record of 106-straight weeks touring on the road. At the same time, I managed to retain my anonymity, which was important to me. In those ten years touring, I met tens of thousands of audience members after shows. The most common opening phrase they used? “I wish I could . . .” followed by their goal or dream that they just didn’t know how to go about achieving. In small towns, it was often just “I wish I could move to a big city where I could have some options.” (Small town people often feel trapped and because of it often become so.) r

Jigsaw Puzzle

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Life

Image courtesy of zaxl4 Would you like to become more productive by doing less? Would you like to be capable of solving complex problems with sudden bursts of insight? Would you like to learn how to apply consistent effort to … r