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Why Your ‘I Am Good Enough’ Affirmations May Not Work

The problem is, despite doing it all, things haven’t changed for you. Your attempts at using affirmations has had the opposite effect and you feel worse about yourself more than ever. If so, there’s likely to be a reason. r

5 Steps To Defeating That Annoying, Manipulative Voice In Your Head

Is that little voice in your head hurting your success at life? Whenever you are about to do something big, it tells you that you are incapable. No More. r

How To Access Inner Wealth and Leave Your Poverty Mindset Behind

If your relationship with yourself isn’t right, your poverty of self-regard and poverty of self-awareness will destroy your quality of life, so transform that relationship into calm self-acceptance and absolute self-satisfaction. r

6 Ways to Love Yourself, For Better Mental Health

To really battle our behaviour, we need to start by learning to love ourselves. Here are 6 important suggestions to really help you love yourself, unconditionally: r

How I Got My Self-Confidence Back – 5 Habits For Your Daily Routine

My lack of self-confidence really began to have an impact. It started to affect life-changing decisions I needed to make. This time it really mattered. It shaped my life. r

Why Loving Yourself Is The First Step To Total Self-Healing

You may have been hurt, broken, rejected or even ridiculed. You may be battling with low self esteem and it feels like you are not worth more than they mockingly say you are. r