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Four New Ways That Exercise Helps Your Brain

We’ve all heard the story about how doing exercise releases endorphins which have the effect of making us feel happy and energetic. r

You Have 3 Brains, Not 1. Here’s How They All Work.

Up until this very moment, you’ve probably gone your entire life thinking you have only one brain. That pink gobbldey-gook thingy the pathologist dumps on the scale in every episode of CSI, right? r

Brilliant Brain: How to Energize Your Brain Fast

I love to light up my brain.

A simple breathing exercise and a mantra let me do it anywhere, anytime.

What’s really great is that I get relaxed at the same time. r

Got Mental Exercise? 9 Ways to Stay Sharp

Just as our body becomes flabby from lack of physical exercise, so too our mind becomes “flabby” from lack of mental exercise. Absent mental exercise, we’re likely to become bored or even depressed. The good news is that we have many ways of exercising our mind. Let’s take a look… r

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Build Brain Power with these 21 Resources

Use these 21 Resources to boost brain power and increase intelligence. r