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7 Tips to Boost Your Day

While, I have to say that caring for myself is an uphill battle most days, the rewards I reap from loving me are exceptional! r

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood, Right Now

When you’re feeling low, it’s easy to let your mood get on top of you: by snapping at your partner or kids, or procrastinating on your work, or even turning to drugs or alcohol. There are plenty of simple ways to boost your mood, though – so next time you feel bad, try one of these: r

9 Ways to Boost Your Mood

I’m sure you can think of some moments during the past week when you’ve felt exactly the same. I know I can. And I hate being grumpy: I snap at people unfairly, I feel a complete lack of motivation towards my goals, and I often end up spiralling further and further into a Really Bad Mood. r