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How To Free Yourself From The “No Way Out Place”

If you look at the word depression, it literally means “to press down.” When you can say to yourself, “Oh, the Depressed One is here” rather than “I am depressed,” it can wake up your curiosity about what is really going on. r

3 Ways To Heal Your Shame

You have probably buried most of your shame your entire adult life and have tried to pretend it doesn’t exist, or in some cases, you may not even be aware it exists. r

Your Body is a Biological Machine

It is very hard to imagine another asset more important than one’s body. Our bodies are a biological machine that needs to be maintained and nurtured if we are to expect the very best from it. r

You Are Invited To a Free Self Confidence Webinar (hosted by me!)

Several months ago, I asked my readers to offer input on a potential topic for a course I was planning. The overwhelming majority requested a course on improving self-confidence. So along with my friend and fellow personal development blogger Barrie Davenport (from Live Bold and Bloom), we have created an interactive 4-week course on self-confidence. r

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Is This the Secret to Feeling 100%?

There’s plenty of advice on the web about what to eat and drink, and a lot of it can be more than a bit confusing. What exactly is a “superfood”? Should you be eating a meat-heavy caveman diet or a … r

Shape up

Shape Up Your Body, Shape Up Your Life

Many of us are carrying a few extra pounds. Perhaps they’ve crept on gradually over the years, perhaps they’re the “Freshman 15”, or perhaps they’ve been present since early childhood. It is easy to get complacent. Okay, we know we … r