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following your heart

5 Steps To Following Your Heart

So in this blog post, I want to share with you a five step formula for following your heart, finding your life’s calling and living life to the fullest when you do! r

information Diet

How to Create a Low Information Diet

Image courtesy of wonderlane The internet has forever changed the way we gather information. In the past obtaining information could be tedious. If you wanted to get the financial report of a company and learn about its business, most probably … r

Blogopolis Blueprint Has Arrived

While blogs about blogging is a crowded niche, there is always room for a new entrant with a fresh approach.

The Personality Puzzle – Pick The Brain Exclusive Offer

What can four letters tell you about someone (including yourself)? It turns out quite a lot. “The Personality Puzzle” is the new e-book from Pick The Brain contributor Hunter Nuttall. Back in August we published Hunter’s first article for this … r

Internet Disinhibition

The Dangers and Delights of Internet Disinhibition

Have you ever entered a chatroom and found yourself sharing things (that you could never discuss face to face) with a bunch of strangers? Have you ever poured your soul out on your blog, writing about your deepest fears, most powerful dreams, or secret shames? Have you ever stayed up long into the night, chatting to people online – without even knowing their real names, ages, genders or anything about them? r

Book Giveaway Winners & Link Karma

Two weeks ago I posed the question: “are you doing what you love?” Thank you for your wonderful answers. Some notable responses included: “Yes!!Yes!!! I love what I am doing!!! I get up everyday and say I love this day!!” … r