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Day 27: Wandering Through Life Without A Map? 6 Ways To Spot The Danger Zones

You wouldn’t take a long trip without knowing where you’re going, would you? No, of course not. You’d get a map, or a decent GPS for your car. You’d pack the appropriate clothes, you’d have enough money for food and … r

Day 52: This One Trick That Will Make You Feel Better – INSTANTLY

How can you be committed to living a fulfilling life with the burden of the past weighing you down?
No one can give you burden you aren’t willing to accept. You are choosing to take burden on. r

Day 59: Want to be more confident? Laugh at yourself!

Ever been lying in bed, just about to fall asleep, when suddenly your thoughts are invaded by some embarrassing memory? Maybe a flashback to that time when you stuck your foot in your mouth and insulted a friend. Or vividly … r

Day 76:How To Be Remembered Long After You’re Gone

Are you afraid of dying? One of the scariest parts of anticipating death is wondering if anyone will remember you after you’re gone. Will you have made a difference? How many people will have been touched by your thoughts and … r

Day 85: There’s a Shocking Truth That You Don’t Know. This Is How to Find it

How well do you know yourself? We all have this idea of who were are, but like all things which pass through our filter, it’s highly subjective to our inner dialogue, history, and prejudices. In other words, the idea we … r