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Addition by Subtraction: Don’t Let Bad Friends Drag You Down

News flash! Your income, weight, happiness and professional success are the average of your best five friends. When you hang out with rich, fit, happy and successful friends, guess what happens? They rub off on you. r

5 Ways Your Negative Friends Can Drag You Down

That criticism might arrive in obvious forms: “That’s a stupid idea,” or it might be the less blatant but equally deflating kind: “That’s interesting. Good luck with that.” It’s going to hurt. It might throw you so much that you decide to give up before you even get started. r

4 Fool-Proof Methods for Slaying Health-Sucking Vampires

You’ve met these villains of vibrant heath already – those that criticize your health endeavors, those that mock you for your health diligence, and those that would drag your health quality down to their unacceptable level. r