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How To Make The Ordinary Extraordinary

How to Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Our dissatisfaction with the routine, with the ordinary, with the day-to-day can sour our outlook on life whenever we aren’t involved in novelty. r

how to build self esteem

A Powerful Way to Build Self Esteem

You probably know the famous quote by Descartes, “I think therefore I am.” He didn’t say it last week or a decade ago. He said it over 300 years ago. And for the most part we believe it. But is it true? Are you what you think or are you much more than that?


how to find balance

Sho Yano’s Secret: How Do You Balance Life and Work?

Trying to separate work from life means that your work doesn’t match with your passion and purpose in life. It doesn’t represent who you truly are or what you want to be. It means that you’re selling your life at work to earn a few bucks at the end of each month. And you don’t even have time or energy to spend what you make on any pleasure you wish. r

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Everyone is a Philosopher: Mindset Matters

Everyone is a philosopher whether they like it or not—whether they admit it or not—whether they realize it or not.

So, since we’re all doing this anyway—making sense of the world and attempting to apply that understanding—we might as well do it well. r

less is more

The Myth of More: Why It Won’t Make You Happier

As you’ve probably experienced in your own life, though, simply having more doesn’t tend to make you any happier. If you’ve ever received a pay raise – only to end up increasing your spending too – you’ll know that if you aren’t satisfied on $40,000 you’re unlikely to be satisfied on $50,000 r

effortless living

The Key To An Effortless Life

But one thing I know – and I think it’s probably all I need or care to know – is that Buddhism teaches a simple truth: suffering comes from attachment, and the end of attachment is the end of suffering. r