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Can You Change How You Age?

Anybody that knows me, knows that I am beyond obsessed with facial serums and potions, forever in the pursuit of the perfect anti-aging combination. While at first, I was interested in professional opinions and reviews by friends and colleagues, over … r

Restoring Your Inner Balance – How to Stop the Aging Process in its Tracks

Unhealthy lifestyle is our greatest epidemic. When we are younger, we have a natural biological resiliency that allows us to keep going strong no matter how poor our personal habits might be. But poor diet, inadequate exercise, chronic stress, insomnia, lousy posture, and lack of mental stimulation erode our strength gradually, and once we reach a certain age r

Day 66: Find Your Inner Child: 10 Ideas That Work

Your inner child has been hiding for too long. Accept the fact that you were once a child, then give the inner YOU that’s been longing to come out permission to play. r