Sho Yano’s Secret: How Do You Balance Life and Work?

Age 4: He was composing music.

Age 8: He scored 1,500 out of 1,600 possible points on the SAT.

Age 9: He attended Chicago’s Loyola University and was still delighted in reading children’s books.

Age 12: He entered medical school.

Age 21: He completed his PhD in molecular genetics and cell biology.

He has an IQ above 200.

He has a black belt in tae kwon do.

He is a noted pianist.

He chose medicine because he wants to make a great contribution.

He says, “We’ll just have to see where life takes me, but really, I haven’t done anything yet.”

His name is Sho Yano, a former child genius and the youngest student to receive a medical degree from the University of Chicago by age 21.

What a big, well integrated life he is living!

Probably the first question that came to your mind is how did he find time to do and maintain balance between all that?

Before we examine Sho Yano’s secret to finding balance, let me ask you a question.

How old you are now?

If you take a look at your life to evaluate what you’ve accomplished, would you be proud of the life you’ve lived so far?

So many people claim that they are too busy at work that they can’t find time and energy to do what they want in life.

You wish to find a secret formula to balance life and work. You wish to live a bigger life and broaden your experiences, but you are totally stressed and out of balance.

When you turn to experts for a work/life balance advice, you usually get this answer:

“You must learn how to separate work from life”

For me this is B.S.

The legendary Steve Jobs of Apple said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

So the advice of separating work from life is not practical and is pure non-sense.

If you carefully examine Sho Yano’s life, you’ll find the secret to balance life and work.

Here’s the secret…

Sho Yano lives an integrated life.

Everything he does is an integral part of his personality and lifestyle.

Although his primary work is in the medical field, he is a highly accomplished person in other fields.

The reason behind that is that his work gives him positive energy that extends to other areas of his life.

He talks integration, not separation.

When you do work you love and have a great cause to live for, your life becomes integrated. Work becomes part of your life and your life becomes part of your work. Everything you do has its role in the bigger meaning and purpose of your life.

That’s balance.

When your work energizes your life and your life energizes your work, you’ll not feel that you’re actually working. Everything will be an integral part in the big picture of your life.

Trying to separate work from life means that your work doesn’t match with your passion and purpose in life. It doesn’t represent who you truly are or what you want to be. It means that you’re selling your life at work to earn a few bucks at the end of each month. And you don’t even have time or energy to spend what you make on any pleasure you wish.

For many people, a balanced and happier life is associated with the dream of …

–  no longer being an employee

–  no longer having your schedule dictated by others,

–  no longer having your vacations taken by permission

–  no longer having to obey incompetent superiors

–  no longer having someone else determines your income.

–  no longer having to live your life on someone else’s terms.

If you want a balanced life, you must do work you LOVE! Period.

There is no other way to find and maintain balance. Passion is KING!

If you think that making the transition to a life of passion at this moment is an impossible mission, then you don’t know the power of starting small.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” – Henry Ford

If you start small down the right path, then you will slowly transform your life into a masterpiece of joy and contribution. As the momentum builds up, you’ll move faster than you could imagine possible.

And always remember that…

“Slow motion is better than no motion” – Joel Runyon

Follow Sho Yano’s secret to living a balanced life.

Think integration, not separation.

Do what you love and your life will be a complete, well integrated entity.

Do what you love and you’ll live in harmony.

Live your life as a whole. Don’t separate it into pieces. Otherwise, you’ll be crushed by stress and unfulfillment.

Start today following your passion and creating a new life you can be proud of.


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