Share Your Contest on Quality Places to Get more Votes

Today’s trend is joining for online polls to win super prizes in short time period. To properly find the right polls to join, you need to know the trust score of the contest creator. Several online tests help you to find the right polls to join. Remember these two things when you choose polls to join.

– The contest duration time should be over 1 week to 2 weeks.
– The contest admin should have clear rules with super quality prizes.

Let’s look the quality places to share your contest link to get more votes for your contests.

1. Facebook Social Media Platform:

When you have well established Facebook fan page or group, you can simply share your contest link to your fans. This method helps you to get lot votes for your contest in short time period. If you have unpopular fan page, you have to do search for Facebook groups. Send request to the group admin and ask them to post your contest link with fans. Many of the group owners love to do this for a charge of fee.

Sometimes, you can simply leave the link by posting comment to the group discussion. We recommend you to do more research to find vote exchange groups on Facebook to get more quick votes. To get more clear steps to use Facebook methods, check out this post.

Bonus Tip: You can also use Facebook advertisement platform to get traffic for your targeted page.

2. Twitter Tweets to share your contest:

Creating a Twitter business page is very easy for any people. Gathering followers for your page is easy too. There are lots of free followers providing platforms available online. You can use these platforms to get quick fans for your page.

Share your contest link with them through attractive tweets. You can write up to 140 characters to write your tweet. Recent studies tell that Twitter has 319 million active users. This is massive volume for sure. So sharing our contest link on Twitter is mandatory to achieve to get more votes result.

Bonus Tip: On your free time you can follow others on twitter manually to get more followers for your page. When your page has quality contents, your followers count will increase to top for sure.

3. Google plus and YouTube:

Many small businesses love to have Google plus profile to improve their SEO value. It is easy to operate like Facebook. You have to know the right steps to make your Google plus page to popular. Check your competitor’s activity regularly and apply the same methods to get quick fans for your page.

You can share the contest link on Google plus using a video presentation. To upload your video, you can use YouTube platform. You can search for popular influencer on YouTube. Once you find the right influencer, tell them about your contest entry rules and terms.

Ask them to do a recommendation to vote for your contest entry through a video on YouTube to their fans. According to the vapulsemedia’s study, this method helps lot of marketers to get quick votes for their contests in 2018.

4. Use these below list of social media platforms to get more votes

• Viber’s video and audio exchange platform helps to market your contest. It greatly supports for mobile devices.

• Digg is one of the top quality story sharing sites. We can see lot of viral traffic on digg platform. Using this platform, you can connect many people to your voting page.

• Quora results often popping on Google top results. When you have any questions about any niche, you can ask question on quora to get instant reply from quora users.

• Instagram users count increase every day and Facebook owns this platform. So it has highest recommendations from all over the internet.

• Post perfect pictures regularly to get more regular visitors. When you have no popular page on instagram, you can hire influencers to promote your contest.

• Want to know more ways to get people to vote for your contest? Hire freelancers and virtual assistants to share your contest.

The Conclusion:

The above tactics worked great for many marketers to get quick votes for their contest entry to win small contests. When you join for big contests, you have to do more things to get fast votes. You can hire voting agencies to get right direction to win any contests.

What are your favorite platforms to share contest links? If you want us to connect that platform to this list, please inform us in the comment area.


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