Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces are Being Installed for Loads of UK Drive Way and Patio Projects

Choosing the right material for your patio and driveway projects is an important decision. A spotless driveway or an immaculate patio can make your home stand out. In addition to that, it can add value to your property if you are planning on to sell it in the future. In recent times, resin surfaces have become the go-to surface option for many UK households. The resin bound gravel surfaces use a mixture of industrial resin and organic aggregate for creating a stony, hard surface. Resin bound gravel surfaces combine style with strength. Resin bound gravel surfaces can transform your damaged and tired driveway and give your house a dramatic facelift, without hurting your bank balance.

In this post, we will discuss the main reasons why resin bound gravel surfaces are being installed for loads of UK driveway and patio projects.

#1 Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces offer Versatility

Resin bound gravel aggregates can be used for any home improvement project, regardless of the budget or scope of the project. You can use the resin bound aggregates for creating permeable paving, resin car parks, resin patios, resin drives, garden and landscape designs, swimming pool surrounds, tree pits, schools, estate roads, resin bus lanes, and heritage sites to name a few.

#2 Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces are Eco-Friendly

Resin bound gravel aggregates are SuDs compliant (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems). The mixture applied to an appropriately designed and curated porous base and sub-base will prove environment-friendly, reducing flood risk and stagnant water, allowing the water to flow into the natural watercourses. Most importantly, resin bound aggregates reduce the ‘heat island’ effect by offering permeable paving that allows soil underneath the surface to breathe. This ultimately reduces surface temperatures.

#3 Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces are Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to the looks and aesthetics, no other paving is as popular as resin bound gravel surfaces. These surfaces are extremely decorative and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Since resin bound aggregates come with an option of different colours and textures, allowing homeowners to get attractive seamless surfaces with flexibility. One can create different designs and shapes according to the décor of your property. Any design can be achieved with a resin surface.

#4 Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces are Long-Lasting

You may not believe, but resin bound gravel surfaces are more durable than your traditional surfaces. If used the right materials and installed by an experienced contractor, your resin bound gravel driveway can last up to 20 years. However, it requires the use of the correct resin. Moreover, the colour won’t fade either, nor it will soften, no matter how hard the sun is throwing flames.

#5 Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces requires Limited Maintenances

Unlike traditional paving, resin bound gravel paving requires zero to minimal maintenance. For starters, it suppresses weed growth, and there are no stones to sweep. Just to maintain the look of it, once in a while, simple brushing is enough.

Final Words

Resin bound gravel surfaces can be applied over any existing surface, making it the most versatile surface option for homes and commercial properties.


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